Comparison of the personal characteristics of violent and economic offenders

Renata Mackonienė, Rita Žukauskienė


Scientists from various countries are interested in the research into criminal activity. Much of the research is focused on the analysis of the link between criminal activity and personality traits. The present article examines the difference between the personality traits of offenders who committed violent and economic crimes. The NEO PI-R questionnaire was distributed to 85 convicts, 34 of whom have been sentenced for an economic crime and 51 for a violent crime. After the comparison of NEO PI-R questionnaire scale values, a statistically significant difference was found in the scales of Openness to experience (O), Extraversion (E) and Conscientiousness (C), and the subscales of Feelings (O3), Actions (O4), Activity (E4), Competence (C1) and Self-Discipline (C5). The values were higher for economic offenders.
The comparison between the two groups and the general population showed that both groups of offenders differ little or moderately from the general population. Economic offenders have more scales with little or moderate difference from the general population than violent offenders. A slight difference between the general population and violent offenders is observed as well.


personality traits; violent offenders; economic offenders; Five Factors Model; NEO PI-R

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