The Automotive Value Chain in Russia: Trends and Perspectives

Natalia Volgina


The Russian automotive industry is closely linked with the global one, and the financial economic crisis has strengthened these links even more. The paper provides an overview of the major trends taking place in the Russian automotive industry with a special emphasis on the structure of the automotive value chain and the trends in global automotive industry, including a shift of automobile manufacturing locations from developed countries to emerging markets and an increasing role of auto components suppliers. The author identified three main segments of the automotive cross-border value chain in Russia, such as assembly, supply of auto components, sales and aftermarket; and notes that all of them do not get high level of value added. To improve its position in the automotive value chain Russia needs to change the current vertical specialization of Russian original equipment suppliers (OESs) and enhance localization of foreign manufacturers.


automotive industry; cross-border value chain; Russia; original equipment manufacturers (OEMs); original equipment suppliers (OESs); vertical specialization

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