The Concept of Public-Private Partnerships in Lithuania

Živilė Šutavičienė


The article analyses the use of the concept of public–private partnerships in Lithuania (“the concept“) and its alteration with economic, political and other social changes in the administrative law. The alteration of the concept is considered in legal theory, legislation, and legal practice through analysis of scientific publications, conference materials, legal acts, cases of public-private partnerships. The author aims at evaluating the framework, the functional and distinguishing features of the concept, revealing and upholding the adequate definition of public–private partnership, and identifying the factors having an effect on the change of the concept. While analysing the changes in the understanding of the concept, the author stresses that the legislation that reveals the understanding of the concept has been delayed. After the analysis of theoretical issues raised in the paper, the author proposes several versions of a public–private partnership.


public and private sectors; public-private partnerships; concession; public service

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"Societal studies" ISSN online 2029-2244 / ISSN print 2029-2236