Conception and Features of a Close Company (article in Lithuanian)

Virginijus Bitė


The object of this research is a close company as a legal form of an organization of business. The relevance of the theme is determined by the fact that in order to understand and improve the regulation of the various forms of legal entities, it is necessary to know the evolution, concept and the specific features of the specific legal entities. The most popular legal form in Lithuania is a private limited company. But the Lithuanian legal basis lacks deep traditions on matters of private limited companies. Lithuanian legislature had learn from other countries' experience in this field. However, Lithuania has not done enough research as to whether a created regulation corresponds to the essence and particularity of such companies. The questions related to the evolution and concept of close companies (private limited companies) were not examined in Lithuanian jurisprudence. This article is the first to provide a detailed analysis of the concept and typical features of a close company. The purpose of the research is to disclose the concept, evolution and specific features of a close company. Various scientific methods have been applied: linguistic, document (content of source), logical, systematic, comparative, critical analyses, etc.


close company; close corpration; features of close company

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