Provision of Information on Medicinal Products to Patients: the Content of Legal Terms, Lawfulness of Restrictions, and Responsibility for Infringements (article in Lithuanian)

Indrė Špokienė


The author employs the method of systemic analysis to analyze the features of national legal regulation on provision of information on medicinal products. The paper is limited to the problem aspects of providing information on medicinal products to patients, i.e. a population group, and does not analyze the legal features of providing information on medicinal products to other target subjects, i.e. health care and pharmacy specialists. The first part of the paper focuses on the analysis of the content of legal terms of patient information methods (pharmaceutical information and advertisement of medicinal products), as well as research of similarities and differences of these methods. The author discovers that the main difference from the point of view of patients is the purpose of the methods: pharmaceutical information does not aim to promote consumption (buying) of medicinal products, while advertisement of medicinal products always has this purpose.


patients’ right to information; pharmaceutical information; advertising of medicinal products; provision of information on medicinal products to patients

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"Societal studies" ISSN online 2029-2244 / ISSN print 2029-2236