Legal Regulation Pharmaceutical Practice in Lithuania in Aspect of the Rational Use of the Medical Preparations (article in Lithuanian)

Giedrė Galminienė, Janina Balsienė


When Lithuania entered the EU, the majority of EU laws regulating pharmaceutical practice implementation into Lithuanian Law was attempted. The amount of requirements and new laws regulating pharmacy practice determined the hasty preparation and incompleteness of national laws. Moreover, the rapid change of the economical, social and political situation caused problems while implementing the laws. Subject-matter: rational usage of pharmaceutical preparations according pharmacy practice legal regulation in Lithuania. The aim of the research is to analyze and evaluate the laws of the Republic of Lithuania, regulating rational usage of pharmaceutical preparations, to define inadequacies that disturb the implementation of national medicaments’ policy’s main goals; to submit recommendations in order to improve the legal acts that regulate pharmacy practice in the Republic of Lithuania. The article analyzes the concept of rational usage of pharmaceutical preparations. Legal acts are being analyzed only from the perspective of how they influence pharmacy practice while implementing the main goal of national policy of the medicine of the Republic of Lithuania that rationally provides residents with qualified, safe and effective medicaments and provide pharmaceutical service of appropriate quality, without violating personal and social interests.


pharmacy practice; national policy of the medicine; rational use of the medical preparations; good pharmacy practice

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