Comparison of the Criminogenic Risk Factors of Different Offender Groups in Lithuania

Laura Ustinavičiūtė, Alfredas Laurinavičius, Rita Žukauskienė, Rita Bandzevičienė


Recently, many studies have sought to identify the causes of criminal behaviour and to find out what should be done in order to reduce criminal behaviour. The attention of contemporary researchers is focused on the criminogenic risk factor analysis. Offender risk assessment based on those factors gives an opportunity to assess the probability of recoconviction and to identify criminogenic needs that should be satisfied in order to reduce the risk of reoffending. These needs could be the objects of the intervention of legal institutions. The main aim of this study was to explore the criminogenic risk factors of different Lithuanian offender groups. In the current study, the criminogenic risk factors of the imprisoned Lithuanian offenders (n = 254) of 12 different Lithuanian imprisonment institutions were assessed. The OASys, a dynamic risk/need assessment instrument, was used in the study.


prisoners; risk assessment; recidivism; static and dynamic risk factors; sexual and violent offences

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