Feasibility of a Law. The Current Medical Liability Increase Trend

Liutauras Labanauskas, Viktoras Justickis, Aistė Sivakovaitė


Feasibility is the basic requirement to any legal provision. According to this requirement, such provision must not raise demands that are too difficult to be fulfilled. This brings the next requirement for any new legal provision: before its introduction, all measures have to be taken to ensure its feasibility. The phenomenon of unfeasible laws has attracted great attention recently. Numerous examples of unfeasible legal provisions were detected. Perverted consequences of such legal provisions (resistance, disobedience, different kinds of “defense” from its demands, criminal violation, etc.) were described. However, as far only unfeasibility of a single legal provision has been studied.


legislation; feasibility of a legal provision; health care reform; doctors’ liability

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"Societal studies" ISSN online 2029-2244 / ISSN print 2029-2236