Determinants of the Innovation Culture and Major Impacts on the Innovation Strategy: the Case of Information Technology Sector in Lithuania

Christian Le Bas, Mindaugas Laužikas


The present research reveals a set of patterns of a general innovation culture within the information technology sector of Lithuania and examines the main impacts and value added to the innovation climate on both the performance of the company and implementation of the innovation strategy. Largely relying on results of a survey in combination of the innovation and human resource strategies in Lithuanian information technology companies (2008) and semi-structured interviews of 10 CEOs within Lithuanian information technology companies (2009,) we found out that potential returns, translated to such factors as a value-added net profit from both innovative activities and research and development and productivity, belong not only to the allocation of human and financial resources to innovative activities, but also on parameters of the combination between the innovation and human resource strategies inside the company in addition to building a necessary environment to support innovations, adequate recruitment methods, motivation policies as well as key strategic relationships.


the innovation strategy; the innovation culture; main returns and the value-added

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