The Problem of Social Justice Implementation Financing in the Social Protection System

Leonas Virginijus Papirtis, Audrius Bitinas


It is clear that the disagreements on social justice at the political level complicate the task of reforming the social security system under the principles of social justice. The implementation of social justice in the social security system is complicated by the fact that in Lithuania the social security system reforms are chaotic and not systematic. The partisans of the liberal doctrine argue that the pay as you go system can not resist the social security financing deficit and the labour relations. They also argue that the social security systems must be liberalized but there are rarely discussions of the concept of social justice and the whole complexity of social security system changes. However, only a clear vision of social justice and how it should be ensured that the social justice social security system can ensure potential long-term and sustainable social security system reform, especially since there is no legislation contained in the definition of social justice.


social protection; social insurance; social justice; pensions; pay as you go system; funding system

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