An Analysis of the Problems of Family Policy Formation

Raminta Jančaitytė


There is a lack of research in the sphere of family policy formation in Lithuania. Besides, there are not enough studies dealing with a comparison of the problems of family policy formation in Lithuania and other countries. In order to fill this gap, the goal of the present article is to analyse and compare the processes of family policy formation in the Baltic States and Poland. The author of the article presents the results of Lithuanian, Latvian, Estonian and Polish experts’ interviews, which were carried out in 2006-2007. Semi-structured interviews with 12 experts (7 experts from Lithuania, 3 from Latvia, 3 from Estonia and 3 from Poland) were conducted through face-to-face meetings or by telephone focusing on the peculiarities of family policy formation processes in each country. The experts represented the elite of the field of family policy formation: policy makers and researchers. The limited scope of the article does not allow presenting the whole picture of the process of family policy formation. Therefore, the article focuses on the problems of family policy formation that deal with situation analysis as well as family policy monitoring and evaluation.


family policy; family policy making; policy making process

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