Comparison of Creativity and Personality Traits in Students of Artistic and Social Profile

Laura Sapranavičiūtė, Aidas Perminas, Liuda Šinkariova


Previous studies identified personality traits, which depend on artistic and intellectual creativity. There is a lack of such studies in Lithuania. Therefore, the purpose of this study is to compare the aspects of the expression of creativity and personality traits in students of artistic and social profile. 117 students of artistic and social profile from various universities of Lithuania participated in this study. 88 female and 29 male students, aged from 20 to 44 years (mean 22.53  2.908), were interviewed. Participants answered three different questionnaires: the Lithuanian version of H. and S. Eysenck questionnaire (1991), which measured personality traits, Gough Creative Personality Scale (1979) and Wallach and Kogan Divergent Thinking Battery (1965), both of which assessed creativity. Students of artistic profile are statistically significantly more creative according to creativity as set as characteristics than social science students; students of artistic profile, however, are less creative when divergent thinking (fluency) is assessed. Actors are more creative by creativity as set of characteristics than psychologists. They are more creative than musicians and economists when originality is evaluated. Actors and psychologists are more creative than musicians according to fluency of thinking. Moreover, there are tendencies of statistically significant differences that psychologists are more creative than economists when originality is assessed, and economists are more creative according to fluency than musicians.


artistic and intellectual creativity; creative personality; personality traits

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