Higher School Potential as Social-Economic Category: Conception, Essence and Functions

Kęstutis Peleckis, Aistė Mažeikienė


The article presents a description of higher shool potential as a social economic category. Treating sistematically, higher shool potential is a complex of interacting elements having a structure, which, in its turn, is described by a complex of permanent relations, ties and dependencies. Higher shool potential, as a system, is characterized by continuity, proportionality of elements, proportionality of the parts of an element, balance, hierarchy, functional uninterruptedness.The authors of the present article claim that a specific role must be given to the the most important element of pedagogical and research-technical activities—the human intellectual potential. It should be noted that economic and social activities become more intellectual, accordingly, in the manufacture of products, goods and services, intellectual activities take a more important place.


higher school; higher school potential; innovations; functions of higher shool potencial

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