Limitations on the Intervention of the Representatives of a Nation in the Text of a Constitution: the Constitution Stability

Darius Butvilavičius


A constitution establishes legal order in a state. By consolidating the values and interests of a nation, the constitution becomes the legal foundation not only for the political organization of the state, but also for the content of the community’s social relations. Such a role of a constitution presupposes the need for the stability of its legal regulation. The stability of a constitution is one of the preconditions for the assurance of the continuity of a state, respect for the constitutional order and law and the implementation of the aims of a nation on which the constitution itself is based. Therefore, a constitution as the supreme law must be a stable act. One of the conditions ensuring the stability of a constitution is the stability of its text. Thus, the text of a constitution should not be amended after, for example, some changes in legal terminology. The meaning of a constitution as an extremely stable legal act would also be ignored if the intervention in its text was made every time certain social relations regulated by law underwent changes.


stability of a constitution; alteration of a constitution; constitutional amendments

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