Cooperation between Investigators and Prosecutors in Pre-Trial Investigation: Investigators’ Viewpoint

Žaneta Navickienė


Nowadays, it would be difficult to imagine a person investigating a case individually, without coordination of actions with other subjects, especially when complex, multi-episodic cases are investigated. The efficiency of solved crimes, investigation and prevention partly depends on cooperation between prosecutors and investigators. The work of the subjects in crime investigation is multiple; therefore, it is necessary to coordinate reciprocal understanding between them. The Code of Criminal Procedure raises doubts and discussions about cooperation between prosecutors and investigators. In juridical literature, much information on cooperation among pre-trial officers exists. However, the practical question of cooperation between an investigator and a prosecutor has not yet received sufficient attention. Therefore, the main purpose of this article is to examine the pre-trial investigators’ attitude to cooperation between prosecutors and investigators, to single out the main forms of cooperation, and to make suggestions for more effective cooperation. The article deals with an empirical research done by the author in the form of a questionnaire, in which pre-trial investigators from national police institutions were questioned about the problems of cooperation between prosecutors and investigators.


pre-trial investigation; prosecutor; investigator; cooperation; investigators’ viewpoint; criminalistics tactics

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