Business Interest Associations in Lithuania: Status, Role and Prospects

Jolanta Grigaliunaite


European Union laws frequently replace, change, or complement national laws. This has prompted domestic interest groups to promote their cases more readily before EU institutions, naturally, also ‘taking’ the attention of social science with them. However, while the analysis of EU level interest groups receives a fair amount of attention, there is a surprising lack of studies on national interest groups. The objective of this article is to analyze the present status of scientific literature on the Lithuanian business interest associations and prove that it is still of crucial importance to analyze the Lithuanian business interest associations on the national level. Moreover, the article presents partial findings received from the Lithuanian business interst associations’ survey which was carried out in the period 2007–2009 by the author of the present article and during which 112 Lithuanian business interest associations were investigated. The conclusions presented in the final part of the article suggest new insights and aspects for further research into business interest associations on the national level.


social research; EU level; national level; interests groups; business interest associations

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