The System of the Sources of Administrative Law

Audrius Bakaveckas


In the present paper, the system of the sources of the Lithuanian administrative law is discussed. Till the present time, this institution of the general part of administrative law has not been investigated in detail in any work of Lithuanian theorists. The present investigation begins with the concept of the source of administrative law and the major attention is focused on the analysis of the structure of the system of the sources of administrative law. One of the most frequently used bases for the formation of this system in the theory of administrative law is the grouping of the sources of administrative law according to the legal power. Administrative legal regulation of public management (administration) is provided in abundant legal norms of laws and bylaws. However, the number of the norms of administrative law may differ in various legal acts: a legal act may consist of the norms of administrative law only or a part of the provisions of a legal act (belonging to another branch of law) may be bound up with a group of such norms.


the sources of administrative law; the system; the administrative acts

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