Contract as a Form of the Legal Practice of Administrative Subjects in Lithuania: Problematic Aspects

Gytis Kuncevičius


In the field of comparative administrative law scientists pay increasingly more attention to the applicability of contracts as this phenomenon is rapidly evolving. The approaches to the contracts made by public administrative subjects differ depending on the country; however, in continental law such contracts are commonly divided into private contracts and administrative (public) contracts. The author of this article discusses such questions as to what legal tradition the Lithuanian law can be ascribed and whether the institute of administrative contract can be successfully applied in the Lithuanian legal system. The author pays special attention to the fact that the administrative law of Lithuania lags behind other countries as research into the contract as a form of the legal practice of administrative subjects is insufficient and rather fragmentary. The following conclusion is made: in the administrative law of Lithuania there is no tradition to recognize the contract as an institute of administrative law, though a tendency to acknowledge the existence of the administrative contract de facto in the doctrine and jurisprudence is observable. According to the author, the existence of the administrative contract in Lithuania is more likely to be only a presumption based on fragmentary examples of the identification of the contracts in comparative law with the contracts in the Lithuanian law. However, the common theory of administrative contract has not yet been formed.


contract; administrative contract; administrative subject; the form of legal practice; legal origin

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