European Union Financial Support Control System Regulation in Lithuania 2004–2006

Jaroslavas Buinauskas


Lithuania’s joining of the European Union (EU) opened up the possibility to receive financial support from the EU Cohesion and Structural funds. Establishing a proper system for the management and control of EU financial support has become one of the most important tasks for the Lithuanian Government. Since non-eligible funds must be returned to the European Commission’s account, the control system for EU financial support requires special attention. Since Lithuania entered the European Union, EU financial support has been included in the national budget. Since the budget of the Republic of Lithuania is subject to public financial control, EU financial support must come under public scrutiny as well. A control system for EU financial support was created during the 2004–2006 programming period. However, when defining the activities of the control subjects, insufficient powers were provided to ensure their effective work in the supervision of European Union funds.


European Union financial support; budgetary relations; public financial policy; finance control system

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