Trends in the Practical Implementation of Criminal Responsibility of Juveniles According to the Criminal Law of Lithuania

Laurynas Pakstaitis


The author of the article continues his research in the area of criminal responsibility of juveniles as it pertains to the Criminal Law of Lithuania. The article focuses on practical aspects of the implementation of the Special Provisions of the Criminal Responsibility of Juveniles according to the Criminal Code of the Republic of Lithuania. The article analyses criminal cases and court rulings of various criminal courts in Lithuania. The author presents an analysis of legal regulations important in creating an appropriate system of juvenile responsibility, including principles of current criminal policy towards juveniles and discloses the most prominent trends. The major part of the article is dedicated to the analysis of suspension of sentence of juveniles, release of juveniles from criminal responsibility, and aspects of imposing educational measures. The author attempts to evaluate the rulings of courts in theoretical terms and determine the intent of the lawmaker as established in the Criminal Law.


juveniles; juvenile offenders; criminal responsibility of juveniles; special provisions of criminal responsibility of juveniles

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