Contemporary Consciousness in Global Discourse: Between Tradition and Secularity

Lilijana Astra


Global processes include the religious and the secular changes of modern consciousness. Their study implies new theoretical approaches. The depth of global processes is interpreted in the form of various theoretical concepts. It is clear that modern reality in its global expression and actualization – this is an absolutely new philosophical and cultural studies phenomenon. Theoretical approaches of global events are very important in relation with the different experience of modern events that represent new forms of awareness in the global discourse.
Global perspective makes it possible to identify diverse sociocultural approaches which appear in common human context of social activity and interpretation of experience. For reflection of global consciousness and new technological thinking the standard methodological divisions prove to be of no use, since the new mental constructs appear not in traditional but in virtual spaces.
The situation lacks systemic theoretical discourse, which could define new technological effect on modern code switching in cultures and their shift to secularity. Historically new experience of global cultural changes reflects new experience of technology and the changes call for new criteria and valuation.
Religious cultural self-determination and world view in globalized European and world setting is a priority for fundamental and applied research. This new interdisciplinary area requires definition of the newly emerging consciousness within the global modernity, its shifts and the crucial features it demonstrates.
This paper analyzes the peculiarities of the modern global consciousness and the new phenomena of global secularism. V. Kavolis theoretical paradigm analyzes the genesis of the secularity and the structural relationships between symbolic structures and the global environment.


global discourse; secularization; modern consciousness; contemporary values

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