Creative industry impact on economy growth

Eugenija Martinaitytė, Rusnė Kregždaitė


This article presents the study how the creative industries influence the growth of economy. The concepts and definition of the creative industries are described in the context of innovations. The relationship between the cultural sector and the economy states itself through the diversity of forms, regulations, interconnections based on the dimensions of the creative industries (CI) and the uniqueness of the need for funding. Creative industries sector differs from other sectors of the economy in their own special effects on innovation, technology and communications, social and political fields. Assessing the creative industries sector in the economy can be considered as a proportion of all sectors of economy, dependent on a number of variables (employment, value added, exports of services), as well as assessing the creative industries in the statistical indexes and comparing them to other sectors within one country or between countries.
Revenues of countries were generated by creative industries (media, entertainment and art sectors) and it was noticed that they increased. In this context, it is important to analyse a new sector: creative industry, which unites both creativity and production. Creative industries have a double impact on economic system. It increases the gross of domestic product and creates new labour places and value added. Moreover, creative industries improve evolution of economy, connect it with social and institutional development and lead to the growth of economic system. The main engine of the growth of economic system is creativity. The significance of creativity is extremely important in economy, science and technology.
The purpose of the paper is to define linkages between creative industries and development of total economy. The authors of the paper analyse definitions of creative industries, differences of the sector from cultural industries and main aspects of the sector. Also, the analysis of creativity index and main indicators of the index are given. Review of creative sector statistics reveals that the sector creates about 2 percent gross domestic product in Europe.


creative industry; creativity index; economy growth

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