Adaption and Integration Process Features of New Employees in Preschools and Secondary Schools of Lithuania

Aistė Dromantaitė, Vytautas Pokštas


New employee adaptation features in preschools and secondary schools of Lithuania are discussed in this paper. The purpose of this article is to discuss the facilitation factors for a new employee in preschools and secondary schools of Lithuania.
In the first part of this paper, called “Organizational adaptation concept”, understanding of organization adaptation concept based on various foreign and national scientific researches was discovered. “Employee adaptation process” is the second part of the article, in which employee adaptation peculiarity is revealed. In the third part of this paper, called “The main factors of employee adaptation in organization”, main facilitating and aggravating factors for new employee in organizations are given. Finally,in the fourth part, called “The research of new employee adaptation in preschools and secondary schools of Lithuania”, the main results and conclusions are presented.
Summarizing various scientific approaches and theories and the results of research data, it was showed that lighter adaptation for new employees mainly influence practical, not theoretical, activities, i.e. practical introduction to the workplace, with organization and duties, personal characteristics, i.e. abilities to communicate, self-confidence and avoidance of conflict situations, and high work motivation.


new employee; socialization; adaptation; factors; preschool; secondary school; education organization

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