Influence of Knowledge Management to the Competitiveness of Enterprises

Tatjana Simaškienė, Aistė Dromantaitė-Stancikienė


In this article, influence of Knowledge Management system to the Competitive advantage is analyzed. Correlation between Knowledge Management and Competitive advantage investigation is made by Strategic Management system. Analyzing scientific literature, given Knowledge and Knowledge Management conceptions are systematized and their evaluation is made with regard to Competitive advantage. When performing the analysis, it was noticed that Knowledge Management can help to make better company activity’s efficiency, this way company can achieve succsessful Competitive advantage. But if we want to get utility of Knowledge Management, it is necessary to harmonize all Knowledge Management aspects, depending on context of company’s activity. Searching for the answer how succsessfully realize iniciation of Knowledge Management and to give the company Competitive advantage, during this investigation a model of theoretical Knowledge Management realization was designed.


Strategic Management; Resource standpoint; Knowledge; Knowledge Management; Comptetitive advantage

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