Research Advertising Exposure in Colleges

Margarita Išoraitė


This article analyses the concept of advertising and the theoretical aspect of advertising strategy. Advertising can be defined as various means of dissemination of information on goods and services, promoting their use to potential users impersonally. Advertising strategies for selecting the location of a typical advertising plan diagram can be defined as decisions related to the target audience coverage, creative advertising message strategy selection and dissemination of the advertising strategy selection tools. A promotional campaign makes use of advertising funds that concentrate more skilled professionals to produce and implement advertising. An advertising campaign has flexibility. Also, due to the high level of ambition advertising reaches a wider consumer and user layers. Advertising is also an integral part of the market, it creates new jobs, increases income and reveals the positive characteristics of the products.
The research survey in Vilnius College and V.A. Graičiūnas School of Management showed that a banner does not create a significant impact on students’ decision to study. College advertising caused interest and indifference at most. Advertising on television and in the press must be improved. Most college websites need to be improved in areas such as the amount of information, web usability, and range of services. In order to evaluate the advertising such criteria was established as advertising frequency, advertising originality, the attractiveness of study programs, the information in advertising, promotional text expressiveness, degree programs in advertising images, advertising degree programs highlighting the novelty and discounts. Advertising is most attractive in the social science college. The study showed that college marketing professionals need to work on improving their marketing plan, promotional messages, and college websites.


advertising; advertising strategy; advertising message; internet; website

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