Disability of Civilisation and Its Evidence in Lithuania

Romualdas Grigas


The article’s attention is focused on one of the most serious social and political organizational problems – the so-called disability of civilization – and on the features of the spreading of this phenomenon in Lithuania, and the Lithuanian nation. The author’s own interpretation of the disability of civilization is seen as the nation and the nation based state’s areas of behavior, which are filled with excessive polarization, deviance, shady economy, crime and actions lacking wisdom and/or continuity (and, therefore, strategically unplanned). Social disability promotes the scattering of anomies, social arrhythmias and social fatigue, consequently giving birth to and supporting the so-called “false consciousness”, etc.
The author believes that a disability of civilization is not a distinctive feature of any nation. However, in each country it has its own idiosyncrasies, determined by its historical legacy, its relationship with today’s world and with globalization overshadowing it. The author also draws attention to Lithuania’s approach towards a meaningful relationship with the EU.


capacity of civilization; disability of civilization; social organization; formation of a nation; decay of a nation

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.13165/SMS-14-6-2-01


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