Global Modernity and Subject: Change, Challenges and Outbreak

Lilijana Astra


This article analyzes the contemporary global realities and human interaction processes and phenomena which the person is myself and who reflects on himself. Global contemporary world represents a complex and multi-dimensional reality in which intersubjective cultural, economic and social phenomena appear to disrupt normal thinking schematic classifications and frames. Some philosophers, such as J. Baudrillard, considered new technological phenomena and processes, and especially the new media, conceding negative connotations.
Global modernity implies a new experience, depth perception, and new technological breakthrough thinking capabilities. Modern expression and the resulting material formed in the modern and postmodern philosophical thought and the development of technology for decades, evolving exponentially, are becoming a challenge for the new entity. It is observed that the subject of modern research requires new methodological approaches and multidimensional diversity.


global modernity; subject; multimedia; hyper-reality; instrumental consciousness

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