Logicality in Speaking and Thinking

Virginija Jakimenko


Logicality means clear and sound reasoning according to the rules of logic or formal argument. Logicality is a traditional, associated with thinking and speech, value, which has a great importance in the area of scientific discovery. In the era of trans-disciplinary research, cognitive sciences unite the efforts of philosophers, psychologists, neurologists, linguists, anthropologists, biochemists and the artificial intelligence specialists to understand the thinking and cognition, thus increasing the importance of logicality. Perhaps therefore it has been presumed that the speech we use for communication is functioning according to the rules of logic, using the rules of grammar as a base. The speech is a highly important part of thinking, although the actual role it plays in the process of thinking is highly debatable. Since we cannot observe directly the moments when thoughts turn into words, we do not know why the structures of speech that consist of the same words can be slightly different or why the same words have both, direct as well as indirect, meanings. The changes in thinking can be observed only via the changes in speech. However, here the factors that influence these changes must be taken into account. One of such factors discussed in this paper is the long term effect of information technologies on human thinking.


thinking; logicality of thinking; changes in thinking

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