Entrepreneurship Development Possibilities in University Studies

Živilė Labutė, Irena Žemaitaitytė


The objective of the research: to show the possibilities of developing entrepreneurship in university studies.
The objective of the research is to show the possibilities of developing entrepreneurship in university studies. Students of MRU, VU, VGTU and LEU participated in the research.
Research methods were the following:
1. Theoretical – analysis of scientific literature, analysis of EU and Lithuanian documents regulating entrepreneurship, analysis of study curriculum and strategic plans in MRU, VU, VGTU and LEU;
2. Empirical research – questionnaires for students about possibilities of developing entrepreneurship at university;
3. Statistical method – descriptive statistics.
The results of the research. Having analyzed the data, the results showed that conceptions of entrepreneurship and its development do not differ in all 4 universities; they are the same in MRU, VU, VGTU and LEU. Students agree that it is a must to develop entrepreneurship in institutions of higher education but they do not know if such studies can be chosen in their curriculum. Also, they are not interested in the activities about developing entrepreneurship and have no idea if they are enterprising themselves. Students do not know if such a subject as developing entrepreneurship is present in their curriculum and if they can freely choose it themselves. Students would like to have developing entrepreneurship as a subject in their study curriculum which they would be able to choose freely by themselves.
The results of the research have shown that entrepreneurship is best developed in MRU and VU. It is less developed in VGTU and the least developed in LEU.


entrepreneurship; development of entrepreneurship; university studies

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.13165/SMS-14-6-3-08


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