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In science of professional socialization, the process is inseparable from researcher’s professional development, which is expressed as a structured approach to the continuous development of scientific knowledge, expertise in all stages of scientific career, i.e., a period covering the time period from becoming a doctoral student to becoming a scientist. This article analyses the concept of professional socialization in science on basis of scientific literature’s analysis and factors influencing this process.
In the first part of the article, the general concept of professional socialization and basic principles of this process are discussed. The second part analyses the concept of professional socialization in science, the main stages of this process and factors influencing this process. The third part of the article briefly discusses actors affecting the process of professional socialization. The fourth part is devoted to factors that influence the process of professional socialization in technological science.
According to different scientific approaches, the process of professional socialization in doctoral education depends on the chosen field of science, formal and informal standards existing in that field of science, institutional culture and personal provisions of the future scientist. The process of doctoral student’s professional socialization can be exposed by various levels of actors: education policy makers (in the international and national levels) and implementers of this policy (universities, research institutes, individual units). The process of professional socialization in technology sciences should be directed in two directions: within the scientific community, where the doctoral students socialize in order to become competent members of this community and they seek professionalism, second direction is focused on external factors, i.e., scientific dissemination to the public, the creation of favourable scientist’s prestige and image.


Doctoral student, scientist, scientific career, professional socialization, socialization, professional socialization in science, technological sciences.

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