Problematic Aspects of Causality of Insurance Criminality

Tomas Rudzkis, Artūras Panomariovas


Regardless of all efforts to curb criminality, the latter phenomenon remains quite threatening and vital, showing no signs of vanishing. However, the desire to control the spread of criminality requires assessment of not only the extent and trends of the latter, but also the sources feeding this phenomenon. The determining factors of criminality are an aggregate of various social and socially significant events, processes or facts having caused and conditioned criminality. Despite the major part of crimes are determined by the same common factors—unemployment, low education, dipsomania, drug-addiction, etc.—there is also a complex of contributing factors, characteristic to each type of crimes and/or field of human activity. By being undiscovered, these contributors prevent the development of efficient preventative measures. This article is dedicated to the discussion of the main factors influencing insurance criminality.


criminality; insurance crime; determinants of criminality; mathematical methods

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