Programme Work with Persons Enlisted in Correctional Inspection (Probation Services) Lists

Tomas Mackevičius


This article explores programme work with persons enlisted in correctional inspection (Probation services) lists. The article assesses the impact of social work by the correctional inspections (probation services) for offenders, the effectiveness of the implementation of social rehabilitation and social integration programmes, social rehabilitation and social integration programme content. The article shows that the lack of social integration and rehabilitation programme quality leads to inefficiency of social work with offenders, since these programmes are educational in nature, offenders aren’t motivated to change their antisocial behaviour, in order to achieve their life goals in lawful ways and means as well as the fact that these programmes are the same for all offenders, although the social needs of offenders are usually different. Advanced foreign experience in social work with offenders is separately disclosed, as well as international instruments related to the provision of alternatives to detention in programme work with offenders. The article also discusses the correction inspections (probation services) carrying out the programme work principles, their importance and the effectiveness of the implementation of alternatives to imprisonment. This article provides guidelines for rehabilitation and social integration of programme content, development of implementation, and the importance of community involvement in this process.


programme work; offenders; correctional inspection; probation; social work

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"Societal studies" ISSN online 2029-2244 / ISSN print 2029-2236