Presidential Term Limits in the 1787 Constitution of the United States of America (article in Lithuanian)

Mantas Varaška


The present article explores the problem of the presidential term limits in the early constitutional history of the United States. During the 200 years of practice, over 50 persons have served as the US presidents. Most of them completed their terms of office in full compliance with the constitutional requirements. Nevertheless, some were impeached (Andrew Johnson, Bill Clinton), or attempted to serve more than two terms, violating the unwritten custom (Franklin Delano Roosevelt) and inspiring amendments to the Constitution (1951). The facts listed above and the continued discussions on how to improve the US presidential term limit substantiate the discussion of the issue based on the analysis of the US constitutional background. The presidential tenure has already been investigated by such American scholars as Michael J. Korzi, Gideon Doron, Thomas H. Neale, Jorge Miguel Streb, and others. However, most of the previous research has been concentrated on the practice and political circumstances surrounding the presidential term limits.


President; presidential term limits; 1787 US Constitution; constitutional principles; 1787 Philadelphia Convention

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