Personnel Strategy Implementation Factors for Rural Communities Strengthening and for Improvement of Lithuanian Rural Government Infrastructure (article in Lithuanian)

Malvina Arimavičiūtė


The article presents the concept of personnel strategic management, analyzes the models of personnel strategy design, and the compliance of Lithuanian local government with strategic requirements in development of agriculture and in alternative activities. The analysis covers two local government activity areas: 1) strengthening of rural communities and infrastructure development, and 2) improvement of agricultural training and consulting systems. The paper identifies the major personnel strategy implementation factors, which are measured according to four criteria: the understanding of the task, implementation speed, skills, and responsibility. The article recommends setting the criteria for evaluating the success factors of human resource strategy implementation, because every strategic goal can have different success factors and a different evaluation scale. The development of strategic requirements for organisation personnel and evaluation of organisation compliance with strategic requirements also have to be related to the criteria.


personnel; human resources; strategy; management; planning

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