The Liability of a Company Director: Civil or Material? (article in Lithuanian)

Gintarė Jakuntavičiūtė


This article analyses the nature of a company director’s liability under the Lithuanian law. The research object is the head of the most popular company form in Lithuania—Limited Liability Company. The question deserves special attention due to the complexity of a company director’s relationship with the company. As the managing body of the company, the director has a wide range of powers and competences to represent the company to the third parties and to organize its activities. On the other hand, the director is a natural person submitted to certain internal regulations and dependant on the income from the realization of his professional, intellectual and physical abilities. The character of the employee-like subordination leads to the question of the legal nature of the relationship between the company and its head. Would the legal norms of the employee-friendly labour law or civil law be then applicable to the director’s liability to the company?


Limited Liability Company; managing body of a company; company director; civil liability; material liability

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