Need and Possibilities of Public and Private Sectors Partnership in Lithuania (article in Lithuanian)

Živilė Šutavičienė


As the country faces socio-economic processes, the public sector is constantly looking for new ways and legal means of meeting the growing needs of the society. Thus, while undertaking the functions of public administration, the public sector is obliged by the society to improve the quality of public services, and to modernize or develop new infrastructure objects with lower costs. Without the necessary financial capacity, the public sector offers its
skills, experience and funding for problem-solving. This paper relies on the concept of public-private partnership  (PPP),  defined as cooperation in development of public infrastructure projects and provision of public services.
In the contemporary democratic Lithuania, there is a need for solutions of public issues that are important to the society, e.g. ecologic security, public order, social care, education and all other social issues. This main purpose of this paper is to show that there is a possibility in PPP projects to balance the public interests and civil needs with the interests of private sector for the mutual benefit.


public-private partnership; concession

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