The Problems of Indentification of the Main Object of Cyber Offences (article in Lithuanian)

Renata Marcinauskaitė


The article deals with the problems of identifying the main object  (the principal value), that is protected by criminal law and suffers a damage caused by cyber crime acts. An analysis of the said problems enabled the authors to substantiate the identification of the main object (the principal value) protected by ultima ratio measures and its importance for a legal technician on codification of criminal acts in an integral system, its inseparability
from identification of criminal acts included in the cyber crimes as a whole. So, it should be supposed that the definition of these various dangerous forms of behavior in cyber space prohibited by the criminal law not only predetermines the peculiarities of the conception of cyber crime acts but also affects the determination of the possible limits of analysis of the main objects (the principal values) protected by the criminal law that are damaged by such dangerous acts.


cyber crime; offences against security of electronic data and information systems; the object of the offence; cybernetic security; technical computer security; CIA triad; confidentiality; integrity; availability

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