Information Literacy Phenomenon in University Learning Environment: Attitudes of Teachers and Librarians (article in Lithuanian)

Vilhelmina Vaičiūnienė


The paper presents the results of empirical research into information literacy conception as understood by Lithuanian university teachers and librarians. Due to rapid development of IT, information overload, and obsolescence of information university academic space is experiencing big transformations. Therefore, information literacy is one
of the topical issues that call for discussion and research. The aim of the conducted research was to identify university teachers and librarians’ understanding of information literacy phenomenon and its impact on the quality of university studies. The survey participants (123 university teachers and 68 librarians) represented nine Lithuanian universities located in different regions of Lithuania. To achieve the aim of the study the expert method was explored
which revealed that the survey participants possess several conceptions of information literacy (often closely related to their specific functions at work): “skills to use IT”; “skills to create computer programmes”; “skills to utilise computer programmes’; “skills to use information resources”; “skills to use information resources effectively that are in various information locations to solve personal tasks”. The last conception prevails among the study participants.


information literacy phenomenon and concept; teachers’ and librarians’ attitudes; university education

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"Societal studies" ISSN online 2029-2244 / ISSN print 2029-2236