Problematical Aspects of Custodial Sentence Enforcement in Lithuania (article in French)

Aleksandras Gončarko


The article analyses the problematical aspects of custodial sentence in Lithuania. The author has chosen in his opinion, the most topical and arguable legal status issues of those convicted with imprisonment, that is, convicts’ meetings with relatives or other persons, short-term visits at home, conditional release from correctional institutions. The first part of the article provides a discussion of the conditions of the convicted with custody
in imprisonment institutions, since they make direct impact on the implementation of the right of the convicted. The author analyses regulation and implementation problems of the convicted with imprisonment meetings, short-term visits home and conditional release from correctional institutions, conformity of those institutes regulation in Lithuania with international standards for the convicts, makes suggestions about the improvement of the regulation. When analyzing the meeting procedures of those convicted with imprisonment with relatives or other persons, the author states that the number of meetings, provided in the Republic of Lithuania Penal Code Articles 73-74, is small, so the procedure of meetings should be reviewed.


imprisonment; penalty; imprisonment institutions; meetings; short-term visits home; conditional release; convicts

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