Governmental Model of French Fifth Republic as the Standard for a Semi-Presidential Republic (article in Lithuanian)

Indrė Kavoliūnienė, Milda Vainiutė


This article investigates the traits of the French  Fifth Republic constitutional system and reviews the essential aspects of the 1958 French Constitution and reveals the impact of the recent amendments to the Constitution (2008) and the situation of the constitutional regulation. A lot of attention is paid to interdependent relations between the governing institutions of the Republic of France that play a major role in determining the model of state
government. The main aspects of a semi-presidential model of a republic are revealed. In legal literature, the current French Constitution is referred to as the Constitution of the Fifth Republic of France. It has been enacted by national referendum in 1958. It is the seventeenth Constitution since 1789 that has established a twenty second political regime. At first the Constitution consisted of three documents: the 1958 French Constitution, the 1789 Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen and the Preamble to the 1946 French Constitution. The Constitutional law of 1 March 2005 added yet another legal document, i.e. the Charter of the Environmental Protection.


Constitution; state government model; model of governmental institutions; parliament; president; government; court

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