Mission of the National Guard‘s Oath and It’s Implementation (article in Lithuanian)

Audrius Skaistys


The importance of oaths to our society is rising, but they have never been the object of a comprehensive, systematic study. Historically the Law history of Lithuania followed a natural evolutionary tradition. That however cannot be said about the development of relations concerning the institute of the Oath and the related social aspect. Oath had achieved a great significance in the nation, was universally spread, and was applied during all the periods in all aspects of human activity discussed in the presented article. The present article is a comprehensive study of the historical origin, purpose, mission, form and meaning development of the National Guard‘s oath in Lithuania. The historical, religious and legal aspects of the oath and the pledge, the social effectiveness of the abovementioned oath and pledge institutions are analysed in it. In this article the oath of a member of the National Guards is analyzed as a model of military oath, since its origin in 1919 up to the present. Among all oaths of this period this oath stands out for the fact that had continued uninterrupted throughout its existence. It has developed in a natural way.


National Guard; pledge; oath; the formula of the oath

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