Leila Mamatova


The formation of economic business relations in Ukraine is a very problematic issue in terms of information, social and financial system of Ukraine. Enterprises, which are in the development stage or in the start-up stage, have a limited set of resources, but the use of information platforms and funding programs allows the innovative technologies using. It should be noted that entrepreneurship is a platform for both economic and social development of the country. The social platform of entrepreneurship reproduces working places, provides income to the labor force, contributions to extra-budgetary funds, providing the state with opportunities to pay pensions and social assistance. The cooperation of Ukrainian enterprises with international and state programs and platforms that allows them to occupy a market niche and get a high level in building a system of production and product quality, and supporting the social sector in accordance with EU countries. The object of the research is the socio-economic support of entrepreneurship in Ukraine. The aim of the article is to determine the degree and opportunities for improving socio-economic support for entrepreneurship in Ukraine. The methodological basis of the research is a fundamental principle of the system approach, methods of abstraction, analysis and synthesis, induction and deduction. In the article identifies the main problems of supporting socio-economic entrepreneurship in Ukraine. Suggested the strategy development of entrepreneurship and singled out the main elements of support of business segments. Generalized the main programs and areas of business support in Ukraine. Suggested a system of indicators for its assessment of state support for entrepreneurship.


entrepreneurship; socio-economic supporting; investment; innovation

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