Leila Mamatova, Viktoriia Pavliuk


In an era of global competition, technological innovation, instability of the external environment, organizational changes are inevitable and necessary. The most important factor in the competitiveness of successful companies is the ability to generate and implement various kinds of changes that initially contain a contradiction between the desire for stability and the need to develop human resources and organizations. One of the main causes of poor performance or the failure of progressive organizational change is employee resistance. The analysis of modern concepts of change management revealed the need to review a number of principles in human resource management of organizations undergoing transformation. As the most important condition for the implementation of organizational transformations, resistance management is proposed, the prevention and overcoming of which can significantly increase the effectiveness of reform.

The existing mechanisms for managing change are in their infancy, a search is underway for ways, methods, and approaches to improving the effectiveness of organizational transformation through the formation of human resource management strategies that help prevent and overcome staff resistance, mobilize the workforce to implement reforms.

It is advisable to single out the task of effective human resource management in the face of change as an independent priority task for managers.

The relevance of the research topic is due to the fact that in the modern business environment, strategic human capital management is one of the key factors in the development of the company, which is considered through a set of characteristics of individuals interacting within the organization that contribute to productive activity and develop as it is implemented.

Study methods: analysis of economic, statistical sources of literature.

The results of the study confirmed that competitive companies should be actively involved in strategic human resource management, as this is the basis of the company and its future. In general, the hypothesis of more effective strategies and practices of strategic management and development was confirmed by human resources used for sustainable development.


Human Resource; Strategic Management; Sustainable Development; Strategy; Trends

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